Emeka Egbuonu
Emeka Egbuonu is an Author, Keynote speaker and a publisher. He has been working with young people for 12 years as a football coach, youth worker, and college lecturer.
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How Parents in Hackney Are Empowering Each Other in Order to Save Our Youth

(0) Comments | Posted 3 March 2016 | (07:39)

Young people are often criminalised through society's lens; the media headlines, stereotypes and labelling associated with negative or anti-social behaviour is widespread; particularly in Hackney. However behind every troubled young person is often a parent; struggling to understand, counteract and change this behaviour. 'Parent's Voice' is a community organisation founded...

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'Young People Have the Power to Revive the High Street'

(0) Comments | Posted 28 March 2014 | (13:16)

Every time I read about another initiative to try and rejuvenate retail on our high street, I can't help but wonder whether politicians and other policy makers are missing the point. Of course, retail has long played an important role on our high streets, but there is much more to...

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Is the Character Assassination of the Young Black Male Now Being Perpetuated With Good Intentions?

(0) Comments | Posted 8 January 2014 | (00:06)

Such a bold and controversial question has been plaguing my mind over the last three years due to a number of events. Each time I do my best to repress it, however on this occasion the strength of it overtook me and I found myself here; documenting my thoughts hoping...

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Hope in Holloway Prison

(0) Comments | Posted 9 February 2013 | (22:33)

Holloway Prison holds female adults and young offenders remanded or sentenced by the local courts. Of these over half have reported suffering domestic violence and one in three have experienced sexual abuse.


As a young man, having the opportunity to address these young...

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Are You Willing to Kill?

(4) Comments | Posted 9 March 2012 | (00:00)

Last week I had the opportunity to have a discussion with a group of young people who are actively involved in a gang in Hackney, East London. Their allegiance is decorated on their skin with tattoos of their postcode and gang name. They gave their consent for the documentation of...

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How Young People 'Trading Places' with the Police Can Help Communities

(0) Comments | Posted 7 January 2012 | (00:00)

The Crib's Trading Places workshops in Hackney, east London, is a programme which enables young people to trade places with police, teachers, prison wardens and older people in the community. In these sessions, young people reverse roles with the chosen professionals giving the young people and the professionals the opportunity...

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Breaking the Negative Cycle: Why Top Boy Doesn't Have to be a Reality for Hackney's Youth

(0) Comments | Posted 7 November 2011 | (00:00)

2011-11-06-breaking cycle-BreakingTheNegativeCycle01.jpg

A few people have been asking why I use the term "breaking the negative cycle." For me this term represents everything that I do in youth work explained more clearly through my teenage experiences. Growing up in Hackney I was witness to...

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Top Boy - What the Youth of Hackney Really Think of the Show

(3) Comments | Posted 3 November 2011 | (00:00)

It was a windy Thursday afternoon; I was at The Crib centre in De Beauvoir from 10 am to set up the projector for the screening of Top Boy. We were given the privilege to watch the entire series and to help the Observer write a review based...

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