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2011 Was the Year of The Protester - But for Many Countries, Democracy Remains Far Off

(1) Comments | Posted 21 December 2011 | (12:53)

Judging by first appearances, 2011 has been a pretty good year for the gatekeepers of democracy. The Tunisian revolution that erupted a year ago triggered similar uprisings across the Arab world and led to the downfall of Tunisian, Egyptian and Libyan dictators. TIME magazine recently named The Protester as their...

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The Poppy is a Symbol of Respect - But it Shouldn't be One of National Pride

(1) Comments | Posted 11 November 2011 | (09:16)

The observation of our traditions arguably makes us more British than any citizen test ever could, but wearing the poppy is a custom that Britons feel the need to bicker about.

I believe that we should remember those who have died in the name of our country; not to glorify...

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We Need to Have Faith in Our Youth, Not Call Them "Feral"

(2) Comments | Posted 4 November 2011 | (12:51)

"Feral": an adjective that most commonly precedes nouns such as "vermin"; a derogatory term synonymous with "savage" and "bestial".

A poll published by Barnados and ICM yesterday revealed that almost half of Britons believe young people are "angry, violent and abusive"; 44% of those interviewed also claimed that...

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