Emma Brooks
Having grown up in France, studied in the UK and now living in Switzerland, Emma comes from a diverse background. Having studied politics to Masters level in the UK, she started blogging to keep her ideas alive and online via her own website and blog The Vibe.

Previously in the position of communications officer for international NGO UEBT, and now as communications officer for 2 Water, she has expanded into the world of social media, PR and online campaigns. Key topics and interests include: French, British and EU politics, Middle Eastern affairs and wine and water (related to 2 Water of course).

Blog Entries by Emma Brooks

Unemployment - It Doesn't Have to Mean the End

Posted 29 February 2012 | 29/02/12 13:22

Lately it has come to my attention that the media portrays unemployment in a very negative light. Perhaps it's because the latest figures have just been released, putting the unemployment rate for the UK at 8.4%. Or perhaps it's because society has trouble accepting and understanding unemployment. In...

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