This Homemade Crisp Advent Calendar Is Perfect For Those Without A Sweet Tooth

'Merry Crispmas'

06/12/2016 10:19 GMT

If you prefer savoury food to sweet, it’s hard to get excited about traditional, chocolate advent calendars.

While there’s plenty of alternative calendars in the shops this Christmas -  from boozy boxes to beauty bundles - they usually don’t come cheap.

One boyfriend got around the problem by making his girlfriend a homemade countdown using one of her favourite snacks: crisps.

Alex Donoyou surprised Heather Loyd with the creation, which he’s dubbed the ‘Crispmas’ calendar.

Donoyou’s homemade masterpiece contains 25 bags of crisps of a variety of flavours.

He’s hidden each packet in a red and white striped bag to ensure the untraditional calendar still feels suitably festive.

Better still, his ‘Crispmas’ creation doubles up as a decoration.

Best boyfriend ever?

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