Amber Rudd Mocked For Saying Knowing 'Necessary Hashtags' Will Counter Terror

Home Secretary's plan greeted with howls of despair.

26/03/2017 17:27 | Updated 27 March 2017

Home Secretary Amber Rudd today did a round of Sunday morning TV interviews to signal a crackdown on terrorists using social media to plot their attacks.

Westminster attacker Khalid Masood used WhatsApp just minutes before ploughing his car into pedestrians in central London.

Rudd indicated she wants WhatsApp and other social media companies to do more to help the Government catch those planning terror - but it was her suggestion that she wanted help from people who “understand the necessary hashtags” that may become the most memorable moment of the media push. She said:

“The best people who understand the technology, who understand the necessary hashtags to stop this stuff ever being put up, not just taken down, but ever being put up in the first place are going to be them.” 

In response, there was despair ... 

... an orgy of gifs ...


... the suggestion the best men were on the job ...

... a call to national pride ...


... and a suggestion for a better use of the phrase.

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