Angela Nikolau Takes Modelling To New Heights With Stomach-Churning Poses On Top Of Skyscrapers


22/08/2016 17:45

Forget flat lay photos of dinner, Angela Nikolau is upping the Instagram game by scaling very tall buildings and posing on top of them.

Her photographs are equal parts mind-blowing and terrifying. 

Nikolau is a self-taught Russian photographer who loves nothing more than clambering up extremely tall buildings and taking selfies with a facial expression that simply says #nofear.  

She’s giving her 160,000 followers a daily dose of vertigo through their phone screens with these jaw-dropping shots.

The Moscow-based daredevil is at her happiest posing on top of tall buildings and ledges with no safety equipment whatsoever. 

Unsurprisingly her mantra is: “No limit, no control.”

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