April Fools' Day 2016 Dodgy PR Pitches As Voted For By You

Grow your own condoms. 'nuff said.

01/04/2016 12:03 | Updated 01 April 2016

Until recently there were two levels to April Fools' Day - the individual pranking their friends, and the media, which had a monopoly on pranking everyone with really big gags.

But, like so many other spheres in life, it's been seized on as an opportunity to make money and shamelessly plug brands.

This guy put it best...

At this point we would like to congratulate the British Milk Council...

Of course there is another side to all this...

In celebration, here is a self-important list ranking other people's unfunny April Fools gags... (these are all genuine pitches received by The Huffington Post UK)

Vote for the dodgiest PR pitch by clicking the arrow on the one that makes you cringe the most (you can vote more than once).

If you actually like the idea then you can vote it down the wall of shame...

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