AQA English Literature Exam Prompts Series Of Hilarious 'Waffle' Jokes From GCSE Students

'Loved that exam so much I might do it again in November.'

26/05/2017 12:20

This morning, thousands of GCSE students sat down to take the AQA English Literature exam.  

But while most pupils were pleased with the paper, calling it a “blessing” and a “gem”, others had a very different reaction. 

“Just putting some syrup on my answer booklet because it was all pure waffle,” one teen tweeted. 

Others quickly offered their own humour in response to the test, suggesting how they had stretched their limited knowledge of the texts to fill answer booklets: 

Some teens were already thinking about results day: 

The English test is not the first time GCSE students have swarmed en masse to Twitter this exam season though.

Last week, AQA outraged teen by asking GCSE Biology students why Darwin was drawn as a monkey - a question pupils complained was not on the curriculum. 


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