Big Brother's Deborah Agboola Calls Out Rebecca Over 'Aggressive' Comment

'Take away my skin colour and no one would say I'm aggressive.'

15/06/2017 08:43 BST

Deborah Agboola called out Rebecca Jane in Wednesday’s (14 June) ‘Big Brother’, after being branded “aggressive” during an argument.

The pair became involved in a heated row when Rebecca and Lotan told Deborah’s sister, Hannah Agboola that she was “selfish”, following a separate argument about when the housemates should eat dinner.

When Deborah became involved, Rebecca told her that she was being “aggressive”, to which she hit back: “I’m cool with everyone, I don’t know about this aggressive stuff. You’re the one who’s going psycho for someone who doesn’t even want you.”

Channel 5
Rebecca Jane in the sofa area

Unhappy that her flirting with Kieran Lee had been brought up, Rebecca told Deborah that she’d made a “low blow”, but Deborah insisted that her fellow housemate had been just as personal with her “aggressive” jibe.

When Lotan Carter told her not to “get personal”, she said: “If someone tells me I’m being aggressive, what do you think I am? I will go personal, that’s something I do, that’s what I do.

“If I took away my skin colour - and I’m going to take it there - no one would say I’m aggressive.”

Channel 5
Deborah Agboola

Rebecca was quick to jump in, saying the argument had “nothing to do with that”, but Deborah responded: “If you walked in my shoes every day and spoke the way I spoke and 10 million people told you that you were aggressive... I take [being called aggressive] personally.”

Viewers were quick to take Deborah’s side, agreeing that Rebecca was wrong to use the word “aggressive” to refer to a young black woman stating her opinion.

Rebecca previously rowed with Sukhvinder Javeed about race, after the entrepreneur said Rebecca’s attitude towards women wearing make-up was a form of “discrimination”.

‘Big Brother’ airs nightly on Channel 5.

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