BMW's Vision Motorrad Next 100 Motorcycle Is So Safe You Don't Need A Helmet (You Really Do)

BMW predicts a world where there won't be any accidents...

13/10/2016 10:45 | Updated 13 October 2016

BMW has unveiled its futuristic vision for motorcycles and from the looks of it they’re going to be so intelligent you don’t actually need a helmet.

You of course will need a helmet because as we all know motorcycles are incredibly dangerous objects, but this is not reality, it’s BMW’s future reality where no one crashes.

Temporarily suspend your belief for a moment then.

It’s called the Vision Motorrad Next 100 and it’s an ultra-smart zero-emissions motorcycle that self-balances, is able to detect dangers before you’ve even seen them and help you ride like a pro.


The bike is essentially a hyper-connected piece of technology, seamlessly sending information about the road and its surroundings to a visor which them essentially acts like the HUD that many fighter pilots will use.

During normal driving the visor simply acts as a wind-shield, however if you start cornering it’ll show you the perfect angle to turn at, your bike’s position in relation to the flat ground and alert you of any dangers around the corner.


Of course it’s not just the bike that’s super-smart. The accompanying suit sounds more like a space suit than a form of riding wear.

Depending on conditions it can warm or cool the user. At higher speeds the neck section inflates, providing extra support for the upper vertebrae.

Rather interestingly, the suit provides no safety features, why? Well BMW says that “the bike’s intelligent assistance systems make them superfluous”.


So when can you buy this slab of pure futurism? Well you can’t. You see this is a very very far-reaching concept that BMW has created to showcase where the company is heading in the next 100 years.

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