A YouTuber Has Actually Reached The Bottom Of An Excel Spreadsheet

It took him NINE hours.

10/01/2017 10:36 GMT

Ever wondered just how many rows an Excel spreadsheet really has?

Yeah, us neither.

But now a YouTuber from Oklahoma has done the world a favour and spent nine hours at his keyboard to find out that there are 1,048, 576 rows in total.

Hunter Hobbs decided to set himself, what he described as: “The dumbest challenge ever that someone had to do.”

We’re not going to disagree.

The University of Oklahoma graduate also set out some arbitrary rules for himself – no shortcuts, no breaks, and no heavy objects to substitute his finger on the down arrow key.

Hobbs said: “I just wanted to make a challenge that no one else has done.”

With a supply of fruit and energy drinks to aid him in his quest, but no toilet access, this is sounding more like a punishment than an investigation to us.

The video has been viewed nearly 60,000 times since he posted it, and people are already calling it out as a fake (because apparently they would rather watch the nine hours of raw footage than the edited time lapse provided). 

We’ll stick to holding down the Ctrl key thanks.