13/04/2017 15:30 BST | Updated 13/04/2017 15:33 BST

'Britain's Got Talent' 2017: The 12 Most Controversial Moments Ever

From Jules and Matisse’s switcheroo to Susan Boyle’s turbulent times.

Just like every other reality show on the box, ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ has had its fair share of controversy in the 10 years its been on TV. 

And while you wouldn’t think a show that includes dancing dogs, singing nanas and cute-as-pie children could generate the same level of outcry as the likes of ‘Big Brother’ and ‘Love Island’, it has hit headlines for the wrong reasons of plenty of occasions. 

Here are just 12 such moments that have had viewers up in arms...

12 Most Controversial 'Britain's Got Talent' Moments