‘Countdown’: Nick Hewer Just Delivered The Show’s Best Innuendo Yet

We're actually speechless.

10/06/2016 16:24 BST

‘Countdown’ has had more than its fair share of rude moments in recent months, mainly thanks to some unfortunate letter sequences, which leave Rachel Riley accidentally spelling a word that’s childishly funny.

This time though, we have host Nick Hewer to thank for our barely-stifled giggles, as he made a comment that must have seemed totally innocent in his head, but was actually, well, just watch it for yourself:

Gagging for a hard one. Gagging for a hard one? Oh, Nick. We’re blushing for you.

This cackle-inducing moment comes just one month after a double-whammy of rude words, which occurred when one set of letters resulted in contestants spelling ‘bulge’ and then ‘bumhole’.

Previous eyebrow-raising words spelled out on the show’s board include ‘itchysemi’ and ‘fannies’. Yes, seriously.

Check out Countdown’s most memorable rude moments below…

Countdown's Naughtiest Words
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