Disney Princess Wedding Dresses: Dream Come True Or Dream-Come-Nightmare?

When you wish upon a star.

28/09/2017 12:03

Wedding dresses inspired Disney princesses have been created by a Japanese bridal company. 

Under a licenced agreement with Disney, Kuraudia Co. is loaning the dreamy dresses for a “mere” 400,000 yen (that’s over £2,690 to you and me). 

While some will find this charming and whimsical, others might see their childhood dream of being a Disney princess has become an adult’s worst nightmare. 

Either way, you have to admit, they are strangely fascinating.

The dresses will be available for loan to hotels, bridal boutiques and wedding halls across Japan starting November 2017. 

Kuraudia told their reason for collaborating with Disney was due to their desire for the collection to reflect the company’s commitment to portraying an accurate view of the Disney’s universe. 

A selection of tuxedos from the corresponding fairy-tales is also available to complete that picture perfect story line.  

The princesses who inspired such an endeavour are: Belle from ‘Beauty And The Beast’, Snow White, Aurora from ‘Sleeping Beauty’, Rapunzel from ‘Tangled’, Cinderella, and Ariel from ‘The Little Mermaid’.

Keep your eyes on Disney Japan for more information. 

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