‘Doctor Foster’ Ending Could Have Been Very Different, Writer Reveals

Did you see it coming?

04/10/2017 09:28 | Updated 04 October 2017


As the dust settles on the gripping finale to series 2 of ‘Doctor Foster’, the show’s writer has revealed that it could have ended very differently indeed for Gemma Foster and her family.

Tuesday night’s final episode concluded with Gemma (Suranne Jones) facing a future alone when her son Tom disappears after finally having enough of his estranged parent’s bitter ongoing feud.

But the show’s writer, Mike Bartlett, says the original ending was a lot less bleak.

Gemma Foster (Suranne Jones)

Mike added that he never had a “masterplan” for the characters, revealing he wanted to stay in the “present” with the show.

Last week, Mike revealed that he had based the series on the 2.500-year-old Greek tragedy, ‘Medea’.


The story, first produced in 431 BC, follows a wife who seeks violent revenge for her husband’s infidelity.

Fans familiar with the ‘Medea’ story knew it ended with the mother killing her son - leading many to believe the same fate awaited Tom.

Speculation has also been rife that a third series could be in the works, given the huge popularity of the BBC drama, but Mike has admitted he is yet to put pen to paper.

Speaking to The Sun, he said: “No, I haven’t written a third series.

“There’s a lot of trust that we’d only do more if there’s a story and a reason. So there’s no pressure to do more. We all just focus on the one we’re doing and that’s a massive amount of work for everybody.”

'Doctor Foster' series two
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