Narcissistic Donald Trump Cards Don't Feature Your Average Valentine's Day Quotes

Free love from the leader of the Free World.

14/02/2017 10:39 | Updated 14 February 2017
'I love you like Trump loves himself'

As we all know, Donald Trump is EVERYWHERE - and on Valentine’s Day, sorry, but there’s no exception.

NSFW Valentine’s Trump cards poking fun at the US President have appeared on Imgur, while a London-based creative duo have played on the leader of the Free World’s alleged narcissism with a range of their own. 

Here’s a selection of the brash designs that have been posted on Imgur.

'I'd grab your pussy only if you grab mine'
'I want you on my side of the wall'
'You're alright because you're all white'
'I'd lift my travel ban for you, baby'
'I'd date you like I'd date Ivanka'
'Putin says he is willing to share me with you'

Elsewhere, Charlie Smith and Max Gill-Engel, from London, decided to take on Trump’s alleged ‘malignant narcissism’ in a series of Valentine’s cards - after his mental stability was called into question by psychologist Dr Lynne Meyer.

The pair designed three cards with the message “I love you - like Trump loves himself.”

Inside the cards read: “Roses are red, my wall will be ‘uge. I love myself and this person loves you. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

'I love you - like Trump loves himself'

Smith told The Huffington Post UK: “We came up with the idea during a lunch break, after reading the article by a psychiatrist who genuinely believes Trump suffers from a condition called ‘malignant narcissism’. 

“Certainly, it’s astonishing how Trump has so much love for himself, and we wanted to share some of that love around using Valentine’s Day to bring a bit of a light to a situation that looks increasingly dark.

“Often humour is a good creative response to troubling news - it tends to have more cut through as a way of addressing a problem or tackling an issue than argument alone.

“And we’ve seen that a lot with Trump - from the homemade protest signs that were designed for the women’s march in January to the ‘I’ll see you in court’ Twitter storm of last week - there’s been a wave of witty and creative forms of protest.”

Trump Valentines
'I love you like Trump loves himself'
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