Donald Trump's Hair Performs A Jig Of Its Own To Daft Punk's Get Lucky On Bastille Day

Though he didn't exactly look amused.

14/07/2017 13:49 BST | Updated 14/07/2017 16:11 BST

All eyes were on Donald Trump’s signature hairdo on Friday as the US President observed Bastille Day celebrations in Paris, France.

A marching military band performed classical pieces including a tribute to the city of Nice, struck last year by a terror attack, and ‘Nissa La Bella’, according to The Local, before bursting into a melody of hits by native electronic duo Daft Punk.

And it was a flurry of the pair’s mega-hit ‘Get Lucky’ that sent observers into frenzied delight - as it appeared Trump’s whispery golden locks bobbed perfectly in time.

Trump's whispery golden locks appeared to bob in time to 'Get Lucky'

But despite the apparent follicle enjoyment - and others breaking into joyful applause at the performance - Trump remained stoic.

Watch the full clip, below.

People were quick to react on Twitter.

But one thing stood out.