Emmerdale’s Natalie J Robb Reveals She Once Lived In Her Car

Things haven't always been easy for the soap star.

30/01/2017 12:59

Natalie J Robb might be a successful ‘Emmerdale’ actress nowadays, but things in her life haven’t always been easy, as she’s now revealed.

The stars plays Moira Barton in the ITV soap, and she’s now explained that she found things quite tough at the start of her career, initially even living in her car when she first moved to London.

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Natalie J Robb 

Natalie - who narrowly missed out on a National Television Award last week - has starred in ‘Emmerdale’ since 2009, but her career began over a decade before.

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Another recent storyline saw Moira romance her nephew

Her first TV credit is for a 1992 episode of ‘Taggart’ and she later landed regular roles in ‘London’s Burning’, ‘Dream Team’ and ‘Doctors’, before popping up in ‘EastEnders’ and ‘Waterloo Road’.

She’s been a huge hit with ‘Emmerdale’ fans thanks to a number of superb storylines, which have seen her character deal with everything from marrying Cain Dingle to suffering numerous, heart-breaking losses.

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