11 Unlikely Friendships And Unexpected Rivalries Made During The EU Referendum Campaign

Tories and Labour laughs it up. The Mail hearts the Beeb. What's going on?

19/04/2016 12:12 BST

The EU referendum is playing with everyone's minds.

People who should like each other appear to loathe each other, and sworn enemies have agreed an uneasy truce.

As a great philosopher once said, it's "dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria". Maybe.

Here are 11 times where all seems to be fair in love and war, EU-style.

  • 1. Tory MPs tearing in to Tory Chancellor
    Conservative backbencher Stewart Jackson deeply unimpressed with Osborne's Brexit numbers
  • 2. Tories, Labour and Lib Dems for 'in'
    Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire
    Ex-Lib Dem leader Lord Ashdown, Prime Minister David Cameron and former Labour leader Lord Kinnock having a blast.
  • 3. The Daily Mail praises the BBC
    The Mail suspends its fierce criticism of the Beeb. They're not the only one. Chief Tory Brexit-er Michael Gove said today Britain has the "world’s best broadcaster".
  • 4. Tory MPs have digs at other Tory MPs
    Former Home Office minister Damian Greene merrily suggesting Boris Johnson and John Redwood are crackpots. 
  • 5. Labour MPs make same digs as Tory MPs
    Haven't we seen that meme before?
  • 6. 'Right-wing press' pummels Tory Chancellor #1
    Spectator editor's takedown of Osborne's numbers followed by Telegraph, FT and others.
  • 7. 'Right-wing press' pummels Tory Chancellor #2
    More "critical friends"
  • 8. Big business and trade unions agree
    Labour's Chuka Ummuna dismissed a pro-EU plot: "The idea you've got the country's biggest unions - so Len McCluskey, the head of Unite, and Dave Prentis, the head of Unison - in cahoots with those well-known socialists at the CBI, the big business organisation, and the IMF's Christine Lagarde - all of this being orchestrated by Len McCluskey's new best friend, the Tory Chancellor George Osborne, aided and abetted by President Obama, all campaigning against Brexit."
  • 9. Tories, Labour, Ukip and Solidarity for 'out'
    Isabel Infantes/EMPICS Entertainment
    Pictured here Conservative MPs Peter Bone and Tom Pursglove, Ukip's Nigel Farage, Solidarity's George Galloway, and Labour's Kate Hoey
  • 10. 'Leave' campaigns can't agree
    But the officiallty designated Vote Leave campaign does not agree.
  • 11. Farmers' union is 'in', but the farming minister is 'out'
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