Sainsbury's Now Sells Gold Leaves For Steak (For When You're Feeling Extra)

Leaf it out.

27/09/2017 16:04 | Updated 27 September 2017

Just days after we reported news of a gold-flecked avocado hitting Tesco’s fruit and veg aisles, Sainsbury’s has opted to go one up on its rival.

The result? Posh-looking steak covered with edible gold bits...


Sainsbury’s announced the launch of four new cuts of meat, in stores from 27 September onwards, which can be purchased alongside edible gold leaves priced at £3 a pack.

Despite the photo above looking like someone’s had an accident in the Quality Street tin, embellishing food with edible gold leaves is the next big thing, according to Sainsbury’s.

The trend started in Silicon Valley (where it probably should’ve stayed) and has now crossed the Atlantic, meaning every Tom, Dick and Harry can have a go at jazzing up their steak with gold flakes and sticking photos of their masterpieces on Instagram. With 7.5 million #steak posts on Instagram and over 165,000 of #steaknight alone, you know it’s going to happen.

The new cuts of meat include:

:: Taste the Difference British Bone in Ribeye Steak – serves two, matured for 30 days and best cooked medium.

:: Taste the Difference British Bone in Sirloin Steak – serves two, matured for 30 days and best cooked medium rare.

:: Taste the Difference British Picanha Steak – serves one, this tender cut popular in Brazil is matured for 30 days and best cooked medium rare.

:: By Sainsbury’s Flat Iron Steak – serves one, matured for 21 days and best cooked medium rare.

Rebecca Deeley, product developer at Sainsbury’s, said: “We know that a steak dinner is now much more of an occasion, and many of our customers are seeking inspiration from restaurants for on-trend cuts and accompaniments to try something new. 

“Applying our edible gold leaf over a perfectly seared and succulent steak can quickly transform a classic evening meal into something truly sensational.” 

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