'Strictly Come Dancing': James Jordan Has A Predictably Controversial Opinion On Same-Sex Pairings

'It’s actually insulting that you’re trying to change our profession.'

25/09/2017 13:48

James Jordan has weighed in on calls for ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ to feature same-sex dance pairings, and sure enough he’s been typically controversial. 

The former ‘Strictly’ pro, who now spends a lot of his time critiquing the show he was famously fired from, has called the proposed move “insulting” to his profession.

John Phillips via Getty Images
James Jordan is not in favour of same-sex pairings on 'Strictly Come Dancing'

The debate was back in the news again recently after one of this year’s contestants, Susan Calman, was forced to speak out on her decision to dance with man, rather than a woman.

PA Wire/PA Images
Susan Calman has defended her decision to dance with a man on the show

Both Judge Rinder and Will Young also said the suggestion was “insulting”, but for very different reasons to James Jordan. 

Will said he would be offended if bosses had told him to partner with a man because he’s gay, saying on his Homo Sapiens podcast: “You’re occupying your male sexuality whether that is gay or not.

Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment
Will Young danced with a woman when he competed on 'Strictly' last year

“When I danced with my partner Karen [Clifton], we did the Tango to David Bowie – it was our first dance. I bloody loved it. It was all about a connection.“I didn’t try and pretend that I wanted to screw her, I was just taking on the character.”

He continued: “And I think actually I would find it more insulting if someone was like, ‘You’ve got to dance with a man because you’re gay’. It’s the same as acting, it’s like, ‘no, I don’t’.”

However, a show spokesperson has already said there were “no plans” to deviate from the “traditional format of mixed-sex couples”.

‘Strictly Come Dancing’ continues on Saturday 30 September at 6.45pm on BBC One. 

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