Jamie Oliver Discusses Disciplining His Four Kids As He Prepares For Arrival Of Fifth Child

'It’s not your birthday, it’s not Christmas, you ain’t having it.'

26/07/2016 10:12

Jamie Oliver’s kids don’t get what they want without putting a bit of work in.

The 41-year-old father to Poppy, 14, Daisy, 13, Petal, seven, and Buddy, five, said if his children ask for a present, they have to do something in return. 

“I’ll never forget when Poppy and Daisy said: ‘Dad, we want a micro-scooter’ and I said: ‘It’s not your birthday, it’s not Christmas, you ain’t having it’,” Oliver told Hello! Magazine

“I said: Look, learn all the herbs and I’ll buy you a micro-scooter. They came back in an hour and said: ‘Fennel, marjoram, thyme, orange thyme.’ So I go: ‘Now you have to do it blindfolded, by smell’.

“Hour later: ‘Orange thyme, lemon thyme, lovage,’ so then I’m like: ‘Okay, okay!’ I felt like I’d been done.”

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Oliver also chatted about the arrival of his fifth child and said he and his wife Jools are yet to settle on a name.

He called Jools a “gatekeeper of names”, adding that she has historically had a “floral” theme when deciding what to call their kids. 

The celebrity chef previously gave fans a sneak peak into the nursery the family had prepared for their new arrival, writing that he was “nervous, but excited”.

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