Jeremy Corbyn And Grime Star Jme Join Forces On Snapchat In Vote Registration Plea

Labour hopes for election boost if young vote is strong.

14/05/2017 22:35 BST

In one of the more unlikely collaborations of the year, grime star Jme has joined forces with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in a plea to young people to register to vote.

The MC took over the Labour MP’s Snapchat, and the pair gave a message to the leader of the Opposition’s followers:

Jme: “I’m Jme.

Jeremy: “And I’m Jer-e-my.”


Jeremy Corbyn/Snapchat

Some have argued a surge in votes among young people could offer a significant boost to Labour’s election prospects.

According to a poll earlier this month, more than half of students are currently intent on voting Labour, significantly higher than the party’s poll rating which remains stuck in the mid-20s. Some 93% of those surveyed who were entitled to vote had registered and most said they planned to vote on 8 June.

In 2014, the government introduced individual electoral registration, which is thought to have dented the proportion of young people voting, but a push to boast registration seems to be paying off. 

A set of pictures of the pair chatting was posted after Jme, whose full name is Jamie Adenuga, recorded a separate plea.

Jeremy Corbyn/Snapchat
Jeremy Corbyn/Snapchat

The performer tweeted to his 700,000 followers about the importance of registering to vote ahead of next Monday’s deadline.

Corbyn followed suit.