Katherine Ryan Recreates Some Of The Most Memorable Brags Of All Time For TK Maxx

From Marilyn Monroe to Usain Bolt.

10/07/2017 14:34 BST

Katherine Ryan has turned her hand to modelling for TK Maxx - and of course the shoot has a comedic angle. 

The Canadian comedian morphs into a many a famous face - from Marilyn Monroe and Neil Armstrong to Usain Bolt - for the fashion high street retailer’s latest ‘Ridiculous Possibilities’ campaign. 

According to a recent study conducted by the fashion store, 68% of the UK population admit to boasting about their exploits on social media.

Wearing clothing from the retailer, Ryan adopts a series a poses to recreate the historic achievements that people consider to be a moment of serious bragging. 

Katherine Ryan / TK Maxx
Katherine Ryan as Marilyn Monroe. 

Nearly half (47%) of respondents voted Neil Armstrong planting the American flag on the moon as the ultimate brag and 27% said Marilyn Monroe’s famous skirt-billowing subway scene was also a serious brag. 

Others also believed Usain Bolt’s iconic winner’s pose, Freddie Mercury’s on-stage flamboyance and Olivia Newton John’s ‘Sandy’ transformation moment in the film Grease, count as boasting.

Katherine Ryan / TK Maxx
Katherine Ryan as Sandy from Grease. 

The research also found that we share our brags on social media purely because we feel proud. With 70% citing personal achievement and 68% saying they’re happy to share such news with everyone. 

Fashion psychologist Professor Carolyn Mair, commented:

“Bragging is a term that has certainly evolved over the ages, in particular with the younger generation shunning historical etiquettes and teaching older peer-groups that it is OK to enjoy showcasing well-earned achievements and being proud to do so.”

Katherine Ryan / TK Maxx
Katherine Ryan as Freddie Mercury. 
Katherine Ryan / TKMaxx
Katherine Ryan as Usain Bolt. 
Katherine Ryan / TKMaxx
Katherine Ryan as Neil Armstrong.