'Keeping Up Appearances': 28 Real Life Situations Perfectly Dealt With By Hyacinth Bucket

'The Bouquet residence, the lady of the house speaking.'

28/06/2016 18:29

For years, 'Keeping Up Appearances' had TV audiences howling with the antics of indomitable snob Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced 'Bouquet'), and a new generation of fans will soon be introduced to the legendary 90s character when the show receives a prequel to celebrate 60 years of BBC comedy this autumn. 

As Kerry Howard prepares to take on the role of a young Hyacinth, we take a look at how Mrs Bucket's "executive" way of living could teach us all a thing or two, with 28 real life situations she could deal with perfectly.  

1. When you know you're looking 10 out of 10:

2. When Dad cracks a problematic joke at the dinner table: 

3. When you're forced to visit those distant cousins:

4. When you enter your housemate's bedroom: 

5. When your mate tries to wriggle out of plans at the last minute: 

6. When you're looking for any excuse to wear that bangin' new outfit:

7. When bae doesn't get that you're really not in the mood: 

8. When any b*tch tries to cross you: 

9. When someone unexpectedly pulls out a camera and you're not ready:

10. When you can't quite hear what those people next to you are gossiping about: 

11. When you eventually find out what those people next to you were gossiping about: 

12. When you just need to nip to Primark to pick up a few basics: 

13. When Dad tells you how he voted in the EU referendum: 

14. When you arrive at a party and no-one makes the fuss you clearly deserve:

15. When you experience sexism: 

16. When you're worried bae won't stick to the dress code:

17. But he then turns up looking devilishly handsome: 

18. When you catch a glimpse inside your neighbour's flat: 

19. When you realise you've sent the message to the wrong What'sApp thread: 

20. When you're forced to make small talk with that old friend you've not seen since school: 


21. When your friend brings along that mate of their's you can't stand: 


22. When you're showing off your moves in the club:

23. When your parents have the cheek to ask you for a lift: 

24. When bae doesn't message you when he said he would: 

25. When that persistent Tinder weirdo asks you on a date: 

26. When you get that Monday feeling: 

27. When your mate doesn't realise the person you are both bitching about is right behind them: 

28. When you're trying to see where all the fit lads are at:

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