'King Charles III': Was The BBC Right To Include Princess Diana's Ghost?

We're asking for *your* thoughts.

11/05/2017 13:04

New BBC drama ‘King Charles III’ sparked controversy among viewers on Wednesday (10 May) night, when it included a scene featuring the ghost of the late Princess Diana.

The TV film was set in the future, focusing on the reign of the Prince of Wales as King, following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.


Adapted from the stage play of the same name, it saw Diana’s ghost haunting her ex-husband, as well as sons Prince William and Prince Harry.

However, the scenes left a bitter taste in some viewers’ mouths, who voiced their disdain on social media:

However, there were some who defended it amid the backlash, who commented that the scene was similar in tone to Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’.

But what do you think? Was the BBC right to include the vision of Diana? Or was it in poor taste? Vote in our poll below...


You can catch up on ‘King Charles III’ on BBC iPlayer now. 

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