Laura Muir Gives Official The Slip To Celebrate 1500m Gold At European Indoor Athletics Championship

She looks like she thoroughly enjoyed that.

06/03/2017 15:11 GMT

When Laura Muir won the 1500m at the European Indoor Athletics Championship all she wanted to do was celebrate with a victory lap.

It was the British athlete’s first major gold medal - and she had smashed a 32-year record for the competition. 

But one official was determined to stop Muir from performing an elated victory lap around the stadium in Belgrade, Serbia, on Saturday. 

After a number of attempts to dodge away from the over-zealous woman, Muir finally decided she had had enough.

The runner stepped to one side before taking off past the official, stopping only to grab a Union Jack from the crowd, and completing her victory lap.

Marko Djurica / Reuters
Laura Muir won her first major gold at the European Athletics Indoor Championship

According to the Guardian, she later said: “I had to fight for that didn’t I?

“They said: ‘We don’t have time.’ I thought it’s my first medal. I’m not going to lose out on my lap of honour. I’m going.

“Andy, my coach, was saying: ‘Do it,’ so I got there in the end.

“I couldn’t really believe what she was saying. But I thought: ‘At the end of the day, she won’t be able to catch me.’”