Lewisham Police Apologise For 'Offensive' St Patrick's Day Tweet

"Hey Lewisham Police, maybe get some tact and don't do this"

17/03/2016 15:17 GMT | Updated 08/08/2016 09:15 BST

Police have apologised for an "offensive" tweet it posed about St Patrick's Day which featured two paris of handcuffs made to look like a four-leaf clover. 

Officers from Lewisham Police posted the photograph next to a message which read: “Happy #StPatricksDay #Lewisham”.

Lewisham Police

The tweet to the force's 23,800 followers was later deleted after police were accused of being "racist" - although the majority of Twitter users thought the post was inventive, rather then offensive. 

MPS Lewisham later tweeted an apology, saying: “Apologies for any offence caused by our earlier tweet, that was not our intention at all – hope everyone has a great #StPatricksDay”.