‘Masterchef’ Star John Torode Was ‘Told Off’ By BBC Bosses After He Claimed He Wasn’t Friends With Fellow Judge Gregg Wallace

'We had a laugh about it.'

08/05/2017 12:06

Gregg Wallace has revealed that his fellow ‘Masterchef’ judge John Torode was “told off” by BBC bosses after he claimed the pair weren’t friends.

Last month, the TV chef admitted that when the cameras stop rolling on the BBC cooking competition, he avoids Gregg, even if they’re in the same pub.

John Torode and Gregg Wallace

Gregg has now revealed that his co-host got a slapped wrist from BBC bosses, who told him to be more “careful” in how he words things in future.

The ‘Masterchef’ star added that the pair, who have worked on the show together for 12 years, are indeed friends.

PA Archive/PA Images

John has also backpedaled considerably since his original comments made headlines, insisting he has a “solid” friendship with Gregg.

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