Munroe Bergdorf Hits Back At Lack Of Diverse Panel After Appearing On BBC This Week

'It isn't exactly a fair debate.'

13/10/2017 22:07

In today’s episode of New Activists, Munroe Bergdorf has appeared in a film for the BBC’s This Week. The mixed-race model debated the Race Disparity Audit with host Andrew Neil.

Following filming, she described the debate show as, “an unfair situation to put anybody in”.

Munroe said that panel was not diverse and that, “having to debate racism with three, white, middle-class men, cisgender men as well, it isn’t exactly a fair debate.”

The Race Disparity Audit, released on Tuesday, has been widely criticised by many. In a letter to The Times, a number of prominent BAME activists - including former deputy mayor of London Munira Mirza - hit back at the government’s “crude and tendentious” approach to the issue, saying the policies could “harm the very communities they aspire to help”.

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