Piers Morgan Reveals 'Personal' Phone Calls With Donald Trump

'When I have had tough times, he has called me and we talk about personal stuff.'

28/01/2017 10:40

Piers Morgan has opened up about his friendship with Donald Trump, revealing the US president has been there for him in “tough times”. 

The ‘Good Morning Britain’ presenter was a keen defender of Trump during his election campaign and subequent win, and while it was known the pair were close, he has told of new details of their relationship. 

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Piers Morgan claims Donald Trump has been there for him in 'tough times'

In an interview with The Sun, Piers told of how he shares monthly phone calls with Trump, which are often “personal” in nature. 

He added that he expects to be invited to the White House “before too long”.

Trump gave interviews on 'Good Morning Britain' during his election campaign

Piers has been on the receiving end of backlash himself in the last week, after his tweets about the Women’s Marches in which he claimed he was going to create a Men’s March in retaliation to “protest the creeping global emasculation of my gender by rabid feminists”.

His comments later forced Ewan McGregor to pull out of a scheduled appearance on the ITV breakfast show in disgust, to which Piers responded by penning a damning Daily Mail column. 

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