19 Politicians Whose Names Can Be Sung To Pop Songs

'Oh, Jer-e-my Cor-byn' and more ...

11/06/2017 17:26 | Updated 12 June 2017
  • 1 Jeremy Corbyn to Eleanor Rigby
    PA Wire/PA Images
    See also: Seven Nation Army
  • 2 Theresa May to Enola Gay
    LEON NEAL via Getty Images
    "Theresa May, you should have stayed at home yesterday ..."
    See also: Ace of Spades
    HT: Neil Gallacer
  • 3 Michael Gove to the Byker Grove theme tune
    PA Archive/PA Images
    "Michael ... Gove! Michael ... Gove!"
  • 4 Boris Johnson to Like A Virgin
    PA Wire/PA Images
    "Boris Johnson, touched for the very first time ..."
  • 5 Peter Hain to Purple Rain
    Kieran Doherty / Reuters
    "Peter Hain, Peter Hain. Peter Hain, Peter Hain."
    HT: Liz Bates
  • 6 Sir Desmond Swayne to Virginia Plain
    Barcroft Media via Getty Images
    "What's his name, Sir Desmond Swayne"
    HT: Luke James
  • 7 Tim Farron to Black Hole Sun
    PA Wire/PA Images
    "Tim Farron, won't you come. And wash away the rain ..."
    HT: Chris York
  • 8 Keith Vaz to Roxanne
    PA Archive/PA Images
  • 9 Thangam Debbonaire to Living On A Prayer
    PA Archive/PA Images
    "Oooh, we're half way there. Oooh-ooh, Thangam Debbonaire ..."
    HT: Ros Ball
  • 10 Andrew Tyrie to England's Irie
    PA Archive/PA Images
  • 11 Yvette Cooper to Super Trouper
    Christopher Furlong via Getty Images
    "Yvette Cooper beams are gonna blind me ..."
    HT: Owen Bennett
  • 12 Bambos Charalambous to Copacabana
    "Bambos. Charalambous. The hottest spot north of Havana ..."
    HT: Mark Ferguson
    See also: Mambos Italiano. "Hey Bambos, Bambos Charalambous"
    HT: Karim Palant
    See also: Game of Thrones theme tune
    HT: Jess Phillips
  • 13 Seb Dance to Let's Dance
    Barcroft Media via Getty Images
    "Seb Dance! Put on your red shoes and dance the blues ..."
    HT: The Iain Duncan Smiths
  • 14 Graham Brady to Hey! Baby
    PA Archive/PA Images
    "Hey, Graham Brady! (Ooh! Ah!) ..."
    HT: Beth Desmond
  • 15 David Gauke to Tracy Jacks
    EMMANUEL DUNAND via Getty Images
    "David Gauke, minister for employment."
    See also: Gauke This Way
    HT: Jamie Reed
  • 16 Alison McGovern to I Predict A Riot
    NurPhoto via Getty Images
  • 17 Gordon Brown to Golden Brown
    Phil Noble / Reuters
    "Gordon Brown, texture like sun ..."
  • 18 Hilary Benn to It's Raining Men
    PA Archive/PA Images
    "Hi-la-ry BENN! Hallelujah! Hi-la-ry BENN! Amen!"
    HT: The Iain Duncan Smiths
  • 19 Wayne David to Re-Rewind (The Crowd Say Bo Selecta)
    PA Archive/PA Images
    "You know, you know the Artful Dodger do it like that. With Wayne David all over your ..."
    HT: James Millar

Note: the Byker Grove theme tune is not a pop song but is still ace. 

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