The Prince Harry & Queen Elizabeth Vs. The Obamas Video Is The Biggest Twitter Meme Of The Week

Time to look at what he was REALLY showing her.

29/04/2016 17:10 | Updated 29 April 2016

The Obamas and Kensington Palace recently started trading light-hearted trash talk on Twitter ahead of the Invictus Games, and it's culminated in what can only be described as a strange video of the Queen and Prince Harry watching a video from the US First Family.

Needless to say, Twitter users jumped at the chance to make fun of it and started suggesting what else Prince Harry might have been showing his grandmother on his phone.

(You might need to click on the pictures to see them properly.)

He could've been Rick Rolling her...

Or looking at funny pictures of Jeremy Corbyn...

Or Corbyn's deleted tweets...

Maybe something a bit less safe for work?

Or some visual trickery?

Or just some of the usual things that go around on Twitter...

They might've been reading some scientific studies...

Or watching some old episodes of Big Brother...

Maybe they were looking at Prince Harry's Twitter...

Or some old family pictures...

We don't even want to know why the Prince would have this on his mobile...

Or maybe just some funny pictures.

In case you missed it, the Heads-of-State Twitter exchange began with Michelle Obama tweeting the royal with the challenge: “Hey, @KensingtonRoyal! Are you ready for @InvictusOrlando? Game on.”

It was accompanied by a video clip of the herself and the President where she addresses the camera: “Hey, Prince Harry, remember when you told us to ‘bring it’ at the Invictus Games?” The President points an accusing finger at the camera, instructing him: “Careful what you wish for,” while a uniformed aide backs up the challenge with a sweeping hand gesture and the word “Boom.”

Prince Harry was quick off the mark, responding “Wow @FLOTUS and @POTUS, some @weareinvictus fighting talk there! You can dish it out, but can you take it? - H.”

The young royal followed this up with the tweet: “Unfortunately for you @FLOTUS and @POTUS I wasn’t alone when you sent me that video - H.”

A video response quickly emerged from the Kensington Palace twitter account, which revealed the Prince showing the Queen a leaflet featuring the participants in last year’s games. 

Her Majesty is seen perched on the sofa in front of a roaring fire, nodding along indulgently as her grandson points out athletes.

The pair are interrupted from their reverie by Harry’s mobile phone – to the tune of Hail to the Chief of course.

The prince plays the video to the Queen, to which she grins, and exclaims: “Oh really, please!” Harry turns to the camera for his own “drop the mic” moment, uttering the same phrase.

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