BBC Question Time: Audience Member Blasts 'Brexit' Campaign For Exposing 'Ugly Side' Of Politics

"We're being lied to and there's not a genuine debate."

20/05/2016 12:46

The EU referendum campaign has exposed the "ugly side" of British politics, a BBC Question Time audience member has warned as he blasted the "broken" system.

The panel was debating the various June 23 in-out European Union referendum that has been marked by hysterical claims about the impact of vote to either Remain or Leave.

It was all too much for one voter, who said on the programme:

"I'm personally depressed by politics. The EU referendum has shown just how broken the system is. Within parties you've got in-fighting. One set of parties saying one set of figures.

"We're being lied to and there's not a genuine debate. I think the EU referendum has shown the ugly side of where British politics is.

"It's all because there's no diversity. It's the same people either side of the chamber to be honest."


Question Time, was hosted by David Dimbleby from Walsall. The panel included Labour’s Yvette Cooper, Lib Dem leader Tim Farron, Ukip deputy leader Paul Nuttall and journalists Paul Mason.

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