When we think back to our childhoods, certain beloved characters from books and television are forever ingrained in our memories.

Looking at Thomas & Friends. Who else made us feel that even if we weren’t the biggest, or the strongest, we could still try, succeed and be a “really useful engine?” OK, make that a really useful person.

The core messages of Thomas & Friends are still focused on those life lessons we try so hard to teach our children every day. The importance of being courageous and unafraid to attempt something new. Learning how to be unselfish and helpful to others when they are in need. Figuring out how to stay positive in the face of adversity. And, of course, how friendship is everything.

Curious to find out which Thomas & Friends engine you most resemble? Nothing is more revealing about your personality than your parenting style.

Take our fun quiz to find out if you’re a Thomas, James, Emily, Rosie or Hugo - and don’t forget to enter your details below for a chance to win a load of Thomas goodies.