People Reveal The Ridiculous Nicknames They Call Their Pets (And It'll Make You Giggle)

The poor animals don’t stand a chance 🙈

24/05/2017 11:09 | Updated 24 May 2017

We’re all completely obsessed with giving our pets bizarre nicknames - and the internet has proven it. 

In what is sure to make you chuckle, Redditors have come together to share the names they originally chose for their beloved animals, as well as the variations on it that came about as time passed. 

Here’s what they had to say...

Berliina via Getty Images

Pet’s name: Botus 

Nicknames: Bobus, Bow tie, Beauregard, Bojangles, Bobobo-bo bo-bobo, Et tu Bote?, Boatload, Bulbous, Bulbasaur.

Pet’s name: Frank

Nickname: Franklin Delano Doggevelt

Pet’s name: Jim

Nicknames: Jimmy, Jimbo, Jimbob, Jimjo,Jimmyjo, RimmyJimmy, Rimmer, Slimbo, Slambo, Slapchop, JeepJop, James, JimJam, Jimcat, Jiminy Cricket.

Pet’s name: Celery

Nicknames: Smellery, Smell, Celly Belly, Beanie, Little King Trashmouth, Ol Besser.

Pet’s name: Link

Nicknames: Link, Lincoln, Lincoln Logs, Logs, Linky, Stinky Linky, Quicky Linky, Linkin Bark, LinkedIn, 20,000 Links under the sea.

Pet’s name: Rainier

Nicknames: Rainy, Rainy-roo, Rainy-bubs, Rainy-girl, Raindrop, Dumbass.

Pet’s name: Sherlock

Nicknames: Furlock, Purlock, Shitlock.

Pet’s name: Mycroft

Nicknames: Magical Mister, Mycroftelees, Crycroft, Crybaby McBitchpants.

Pet’s name: Hova

Nicknames: Hova bean, Hova boi, Hov (said like hove), Hoe, Dipshit, “MOTHER FUCKER STOP EATING THAT” and my personal favourite... my best friend.

Pet’s name: Pinto

Nicknames: Pinto McGuilicutty Aloysius Johansen d’Marche Rosenblatt, Limon.

Pet’s name: Peanut

Nicknames: The Nut, Nut-Butt, Piña.

Pet’s name: Peach Brigitte Tenebaum Wilkins

Nicknames : T.T., Tonka Truck, Lil’ Girl, P.P., Pom Pom, Little Lady, Lady Bug, Nina, NooNa, Pompadour, Classy Lady, Petey, Needy Petey.

Pet’s name: Franklin Geralt Hemingway Fontaine

Nicknames: Frankie, Frank, Panky, Hanky Panky, Frank the Tank, Veneno Malo, Lil’ Boy, BB Boy, Fanky, Fancy Paws.

Pet’s name: Hobbes

Nicknames: Hoby, Salvadore Doge (he just melts over furniture), Hobadiah, Hoby J. , Hoby J. Billingsworth Clyde.

Pet’s name: Ducky

Nicknames: Duckles, Baby Boo, Baby Bird, Nugget, Awful Dinosaur, Trouble, Menace, Soggy Beast and Toot.

Pet’s name: Antares

Nicknames: Annie, Banana, Nanners, Banana Boat, Banana Butt, Bananaroni and Cheese, Pupperoni Pizza, Nanneroni, Wiggle Butt, Banana Pudding, Ant Eater, Madam Trampalot, Tramplestiltskin, Stop Eating That, Get Off Me.

Pet’s name: Max

Nicknames: Mr Maxophone or Doggy Woggers.

Pet’s name: Alan

Nicknames: Dr. Grant, Bubba, Alan-bear or AB, Alan-poots or AP, Puppytime or PT, Turkey, Little Man, and endless variations of nonsense or gibberish words.

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