‘Gogglebox’ Star Scarlett Moffatt Shares Emotional Weight Loss Pics After Shedding Two Stone

Looking good, Scarlett!

11/08/2016 11:50 BST

Gogglebox’ star Scarlett Moffatt has admitted she was reduced to tears after shedding two stone.

The 25-year-old has been on a health and fitness kick since April after being told her weight could have a serious impact on her health, including the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Now the professional couch potato (her words) has shared a before and after pic on Instagram, and admitted she got a bit emotional when she saw the difference.

The Geordie lass captioned the snap: “Crying like a baby today, can’t believe I’ve lost two stone.”

She added: “Feel so proud. Honestly if a professional couch potato can do it, anybody can! #weight #fitness.”

Fans were quick to praise the reality star too, with one writing: “Congratulations. That’s awesome. You look great.”

Another added: “You look amazing!”, while another fan called her a “true inspiration”.

She later posted a second before and after snap on Instagram, comparing her old and new figures while watching TV for ‘Gogglebox’.

“Same resting bitch face... just less of it!! 2 stone down woo!!’’ she captioned the pic.

Same resting bitch face... Just less of it 😂 2 stone down woo!! #Gogglebox

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Earlier this week, Scarlett revealed to Closer magazine that although she still loves an occasional pie from Greggs, she’s thrilled to be back in figure-hugging clothes.

She told the mag: “My head doesn’t look like the moon anymore! And for the first time in years I’m wearing fitted clothes.

“I’m a proper foodie and I could never do a fad diet. I’ve just cut down to one Greggs pie a week, and instead of a king-size Snickers bar, I’ll have a normal size one.”

👫❤️😃 @lukecrodden

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Scarlett also credited her boyfriend, Luke Crodden, with encouraging her weight loss - but insisted he loved her “at any size”.

She said: “[Luke’s] been supporting me. He’s happy I’m confident - things are going well, it’s the first time I’ve used the L word.

“My boyfriend is super-fit, so it’s quite good having him on side because he’s quite motivated. I’ve got no excuse now.”

Scarlett Moffatt’s Words Of Wisdom
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