Springwatch's Chris Packam Admits Constant Innuendos Led To Telling Off From Producers

'We had a warning for pushing it.'

07/07/2017 10:09 | Updated 07 July 2017

Chris Packham has admitted that his occasional on-air innuendos have landed him in trouble with ‘Springwatch’ bosses.

The nature presenter, and co-host Michaela Strachan, have been known to drop a few double-entendres into the wildlife show, whether they’re admiring a pair of “great tits”, giggling about “cock in the flesh” or, indeed, quizzing one another about “deep shags”.

But while we as viewers can be found chuckling along at home, it seems producers are less keen when Chris and Michaela throw in a few cheap gags.

The 'Springwatch' team

While the popularity of ‘Springwatch’, and its spin-offs ‘Autumnwatch’ and ‘Winterwatch’, continues to grow, you won’t be seeing the hosts capitalising on their success by branching out into reality TV.

Earlier this year, Michaela admitted that while she’d previously been in talks to appear on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, the thought of getting glammed up and chucked around the dance floor ultimately didn’t appeal to her in the end.

Meanwhile, away from the show, Chris is a staunch protector of animal rights, brushing off critics who claimed he abused his position at the BBC by taking a stance against blood sports earlier this year.

Accidental Daytime TV Swearing
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