Bradley Wiggins Snubbed 'Strictly Come Dancing' For 'The Jump'

He's clearly not one to make things easy for himself.

31/01/2017 10:44

Sir Bradley Wiggins has revealed that he turned down a spot on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ so he could appear on ‘The Jump’.

The retired Olympic cyclist was the last of this year’s ‘The Jump’ contestants to be announced, insisting at the time that he didn’t want to be considered a “celebrity”, and instead was looking upon the show as a sporting challenge.

He’s now admitted that ‘The Jump’ wasn’t the only reality show that came knocking, but maintains he had a good reason for turning ‘Strictly’ down.

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Sir Bradley Wiggins

However, he didn’t have any problems with the potentially-revealing ski suits on ‘The Jump’, claiming they aren’t dissimilar to the attire he’s used to.

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The Olympian as we're more used to seeing him

For the past three years, ‘The Jump’ has become synonymous with the injuries its contestants have sustained during their time on the show, with a shocking seven accidents resulting in a celebrity having to pull out last year alone.

Runner-up Tom Parker recently said this was all par for the course, though, blasting those who criticise the dangerous format.

He said: “I understand after seeing Beth, when you see something like that it makes you more aware of the risks and dangers.

“But listen, you’re chucking yourself down a 30ft jump. You know what you’re signing yourself up for.”

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