16 Tweets That Show How Empowering Contraception Is For Women

#ThxBirthControl ❤️

17/11/2016 11:57

Women are using Twitter to celebrate contraception and the vital part it has played in their lives.

The #ThxBirthControl social media campaign highlights the many brilliant uses for contraception, not just for preventing unwanted pregnancies, but for helping women take control of their bodies and lives, while helping regulate medical conditions, too.

While ‘Thanks, Birth Control’ Day is a regular celebration of contraception in the US, this year it was even more poignant - especially with the threat of losing affordable access to contraception under the Trump and Pence administration.

Some women thanked contraception for helping them take control of their lives and bodies... 


Others thanked it for helping them raise healthier, more stable families...


Some thanked it for helping regulate a medical problem...  


Others highlighted that without birth control, sex in general becomes a no-no. And that’s just not on. 


And even men jumped onboard with the celebration...

One thing’s for sure, we’ll never take contraception for granted again. 

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