People Reveal Their Biggest No-Nos During Sex

Big fat nope 🙅

28/07/2017 11:09
AleksandarNakic via Getty Images

Redditors have shared the things you should absolutely not be doing when it comes to sex

From discussing the weather to saying the wrong name or calling your partner “mummy” or “daddy”, avoid these at all costs and bask in eternal sexual bliss.

“Touching your wife after handling spices and peppers.”


“Talking about something unrelated, even if you think it would be REALLY funny.”


“Calling out your own name and slapping your own ass.”


“Saying someone else’s name.”


“Squeezing your vagina to the beat of a song and asking your partner to guess the song.”


“Lying about being on birth control.”


“Turning on ‘Game of Thrones’ to use as background noise.”


“Small talk. Please don’t ask me what the weather is like right now.”


“Licking your partner’s nipples after saying: ‘Ravioli, ravioli, lick around the areoli’.”


“Trying kinky things without first discussing them with your partner.”


“Yelling ‘HADUKEN!’ when you finish.”


“Insulting their genitals during sex.”


“Flinging semen on your partner.”


“Getting off without ever making sure that your lover also got off.”


“Trying to put it in my butt without any warning.”


“Calling me mummy or asking me to call you daddy.”

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