Tom Hiddleston And Benedict Cumberbatch (Sort Of) Discuss Taylor Swift In New Interview

It's good to have friends in high places, isn't it?

29/09/2016 09:26

Tom Hiddleston is the subject of an article in the latest issue of Interview magazine, which sees him interviewed by fellow actor and friend Benedict Cumberbatch.

Tom has repeatedly been in the headlines in recent months, thanks to his brief relationship with Taylor Swift, which was revealed to the world with some absolutely-not-set-up-how-dare-you-suggest-that photos taken on a beach near her US home.

Ah, the glory days 

Sadly though, he’s no longer up for addressing the matter publicly, and Benedict isn’t about to ask him to either.

David M. Benett via Getty Images

Gratefully, Tom “chuckles”, before thanking his pal.

Well. That’s that, then, isn’t it? All we can do now is wait for Taylor’s side of the story, which will hopefully come when her next smash hit album drops.

Meanwhile, Tom has apparently already moved on, and was spotted looking cosy with another Hollywood star at a recent Emmy Awards afterparty.

He was also totally overshadowed by some dogs in a beyond fabulous Gucci campaign. See the pictures here:

Tom Hiddleston's Most Handsome Moments

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