UK Weather Forecast: Met Office Promises One Last Hurrah Before Storm Stella Closes In

Will we beat yesterday's highs?

16/03/2017 10:53 | Updated 17 March 2017

Today is your last chance to wring the last drops of sunshine out of this deliciously gaudy patch of spring weather.

Wednesday saw the warmest day of the year so far, with temperatures of 18.8C recorded in London’s Kew Gardens.

Storm Stella brought 16 inches of snow to parts of Pennsylvania and around 8 inches to New York, but mercifully all she’ll be presenting us with will be a wet and windy weekend.

Temperatures will start to change from later today, with a cold front sweeping in from the south east across the UK.

The Met Office warns that from tomorrow morning a band of rain will be coming in from the west, with temperatures more in line for the average for this time of year (8-11C).  

But while the sunshine is to be short-lived, there is a small chance - entirely dependent on cloud cover - that today we could experience the same dizzying highs as Wednesday.

… So don’t go packing away that deckchair just yet.

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