University Challenge Contestant Bobby Seagull Has Best Name Ever To Appear On TV

We finally have a contestant that matches up to Eric Monkman.

28/11/2016 21:10

Sometimes it’s the hard fought academic competition that gets University Challenge fans riled up. Other times, it’s something completely irrelevant that has fans rushing to Twitter.

You can guess which one it was last night when a contestant named Bobby Seagull appeared on the Emmanuel College Cambridge team.   

Bobby Seagull - the best name to ever appear on TV? 

Viewers were obsessed with the team captain’s unusual name...

And it didn’t take long for the bird jokes to begin...

But it was Seagull’s cheeky grin and sense of humour that led fans to completely fall in love with him. 

Thank goodness his team made it through to the next round, beating opposing team SOAS by 195 points to 130. 

Here’s to more Seagull! 

Seagull's team flew through to the next round
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