Whitsun 2016: What is Pentecost And Whit Sunday And Why Is It Celebrated

It used to give us a bank holiday!

14/05/2016 00:01

Whitsun, also known as Whit Sunday or Whit, is the name given to the celebration of Pentecost in the UK.

The name is a contraction of White Sunday.

This year Whitsun will be celebrated on Sunday 15 May.

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Whitsun will be celebrated on 15 May this year

Pentecost is a Christian festival, celebrated on the seventh Sunday after Easter.

This commemorates when the Holy Spirit descend on Jesus’ disciples, as told in the book of Acts.

Some churches take part in Whit Walks around the parish to commemorate the day.

In some areas in the north-west of England, there was also a traditional of Whit Fairs or Whit Ale, which involved customs such as parades and music.

Morris dancing and cheese rolling have also been associated with the day.

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Some celebrate the holiday with a Whit Walk

It is also a particularly popular time for baptism and confirmation services in the church.

Between 1871 and 1978, there was a bank holiday on Whit Monday (the day after Whitsun).

However this was replaced with the spring Bank Holiday in late May.


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