Women Reveal The Aspects Of Men's Dating Profiles That Are Instant Deal Breakers

'Bad grammar.'

18/07/2017 11:01
Portra via Getty Images

Women on Reddit have compiled a list of major turnoffs when it comes to men’s dating profiles. 

From profile photos containing a lot of muscle-flexing to using WAY too many emojis, here are 25 things to should avoid at all costs.  

1. “Anything that insinuates you’re too good to be on [insert dating site here]. If you were really too good for Tinder, you wouldn’t be on Tinder.”

2. “Too many emojis.”

3. ”‘If I read your profile and like what I see, I may reply to your message.’ Chill out there Narcissist Ned.”

4. “Saying you like to party as if that’s your favourite hobby.”

5. “Complaining about exes.”

6. “Profiles that make it clear you are deeply full of yourself.”


7. “Have usernames like ‘bigdick34’ or ‘likestolick’.”

8. “Bad grammar.”

9. “Putting a quote in his bio about how most women are crazy and how he’s looking for a woman who isn’t crazy.”

10. “Leaving it blank is the worst.”

11. “That weird review thing they do like ‘best guy ever - The Times’ or something.”

12. “Ones with shirtless mirror photos.”


13. “Text talk or incorrect spelling.”

14. “The group picture with no indication of who you are.” 

15. “Any list of people you don’t want to date. It just makes you look like an asshole....”


16. ”‘No drama or liars! My kid comes first. You don’t like that, tough.’ So hostile...”

17. “Their sexual resumé. I had one guy say he had a 10-inch cock, was down for cuffs, and loved to eat ass. Next!”

18. “When all of your Tinder pictures are with other girls or poor attempts to crop your ex out.”

19. “Anything along the lines of ‘just tired of games’ or ‘looking for someone who is real’. You sound like a whiney person who has some serious baggage.”

20. “A lot of pictures of them training/showing off their muscles. NO.”

21. ”‘Fluent in sarcasm.’ Translation: I’m not funny, but I’ve convinced myself that the reason nobody laughs at my jokes is that they’re just too intellectual and edgy for a mainstream audience.”

22. “I’ve been seeing a lot of the word ‘sapiosexual’ lately. I get that it’s probably used with the best of intentions, but to me it comes across as pretentious.”

23. “If ANY of the pictures they have include them doing duckface unironically.”

24. “When they put in their profile their sex interests or kinky stuff right off the bat. Like ‘I’m really into a girl that knows how to ride’ or ‘if you’d like to get your world rocked I’m your guy’ or, God forbid, ‘just call me daddy’.”

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