Eric Kaufmann
Eric Kaufmann is Professor of Politics at Birkbeck College, University of London. He was a Fellow in the Religion in International Affairs Program, Belfer Center, Kennedy School, Harvard, 2008-9.

In 2008 he won the Richard Rose Prize of the Political Studies Association for a scholar under 40.

He is the author of Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth: Demography and Politics in the 21st Century (Profile Books, 2010) and co-editor, with Jack Goldstone and Monica Toft, of Political Demography: How Population Changes are Reshaping International Security and National Politics (Oxford University Press, 2012).

In addition, he has written The Rise and Fall of Anglo-America: the Decline of Dominant Ethnicity in the United States (Harvard University Press, 2004), The Orange Order: A Contemporary Northern Irish History (Oxford University Press, 2007, 2009), with Henry Patterson, Unionism and Orangeism in Northern Ireland since 1945 (Manchester University Press 2007) and edited Rethinking Ethnicity: Majority Groups and Dominant Minorities (Routledge 2004).

An editor of the journal Nations & Nationalism, he has also written on religion and demography for Newsweek International, Foreign Policy and Prospect magazines. He may be found on the web at

Entries by Eric Kaufmann

The Lessons of Clacton and Heywood: Why Ukip Will Damage the Tories in 2015 But May Ultimately Harm Labour

(0) Comments | Posted 10 October 2014 | (11:48)

Ukip's Douglas Carswell won the party's first seat in Clacton while in Heywood & Middleton, Labour held the seat by a whisker. These results prefigure the kind of damage Ukip may inflict on the Tories, making a Labour victory more likely in 2015. Yet in the long run, Labour should...

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London Less Integrated Than the Rest of the Country, Report Finds

(0) Comments | Posted 2 July 2014 | (15:50)

The Social Integration Commission, chaired by Matthew Taylor, Director of the Royal Society of Arts, released its first report on June 30, entitled 'How integrated is modern Britain?.' Overall, the report shows Britons are a long way from being well-integrated along lines of age, class and ethnicity.


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Is Opposing European Immigration an Own Goal for UKIP?

(1) Comments | Posted 30 April 2014 | (10:50)

A cross-party group has condemned as racist comments by UKIP candidate William Henwood and builder Andre Lampitt, who appeared in a UKIP election ad. UKIP has generally been successful in shaking off accusations of racism because its attacks on immigration focus on white Europeans and highlight economic rather...

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White Flight in England?

(0) Comments | Posted 20 December 2013 | (16:57)

The issue of Bulgarian and Romanian freedom of movement has acted as a lightning rod for popular discontent about immigration in Britain. Immigration is often linked to concerns over integration, and the electorate has consistently ranked immigration and integration issues among their top concerns since 2002.


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How Liberals Helped Create Ted Cruz and the Tea Party

(0) Comments | Posted 17 October 2013 | (19:15)

'The greatest demagogue Washington has seen since McCarthy,' is how George Packer of the New Yorker describes Texas Senator and Tea Party firebrand Ted Cruz. The shutdown of the US Federal government is, rightly, blamed on the intransigence of the likes of Cruz. Universal healthcare is a norm...

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We Are All Starving Artists Now: Why Web 2.0 is About Meaning Not Money

(0) Comments | Posted 24 July 2013 | (09:33)

The Authors Guild recently filed a brief against Hathi Trust Digital Library, a consortium seeking to place a large number of digitized titles online. Should this battle go Hathi's way, the road could be cleared for a 'content is free' future. Will this empower or destroy authors? Actually,...

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Thatcher and Immigration: Can the White Majority be Reassured?

(2) Comments | Posted 18 April 2013 | (09:17)

Margaret Thatcher's passing tends to divide supporters of free markets from those who back trade unions and a larger welfare state. However, Thatcher also presided over a period of relatively low immigration, when far right movements like the National Front were in abeyance. David Goodhart, author of the thought-provoking new...

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London and the English

(1) Comments | Posted 15 January 2013 | (17:45)

Romanians and Bulgarians will gain the right to move to the UK in 2014 and Ukip is tapping into popular fears that there will be a new wave of east European migration to Britain. It may increase the pressure David Cameron faces from backbench MPs to call a...

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London: A Rising Island of Religion in a Secular Sea

(22) Comments | Posted 21 December 2012 | (23:00)

'Christianity is on the decline while Islam is on the up,' writes Peter Hitchens, echoing the views of many who digested the astounding 2011 census results.

Those of White British ancestry have declined from 87 to 80% of the population of England and Wales while the proportion...

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'White Flight' From London?

(6) Comments | Posted 21 December 2012 | (09:14)

Of all the changes announced by the 2011 census, one of the most startling is the rapid change in the ethnic composition of London's population. This has caught experts by surprise and reflects an underestimate of the extent to which white British people have opted to leave an...

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Why the Republicans Will Continue to Oppose Obama on Immigration

(0) Comments | Posted 13 November 2012 | (09:47)

The Republicans found themselves wrongfooted by the nation's changing ethnic demography in the election, but endorsing a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants may carry more risks than rewards for the GOP.

Across the blogosphere, commentators of all political stripes are pointing to the advantage which the unprecedented minority...

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Mitt Romney, Mormons and America's Anglo-Saxon Heritage

(1) Comments | Posted 31 July 2012 | (23:49)

Mitt Romney's European tour was intended to establish his foreign policy credentials but is deemed by many to be a failure. This began with a quip by one of Romney's foreign policy advisors that Britain and America share "an Anglo-Saxon heritage" which President Obama doesn't "fully appreciate".

This caused...

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World Population Day and the Scandal of Anti-Malthusianism

(0) Comments | Posted 10 July 2012 | (19:00)

11 July, according to the UN, is World Population Day. The aim is to ensure universal access for the world's women to reproductive health services, including, in the fine print, voluntary family planning. In truth, the latter offers what is arguably the most cost-effective means of reducing human misery in...

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A Tale of Confidence: Can Torres Save the Spanish Economy?

(0) Comments | Posted 4 July 2012 | (10:00)

It is impossible not to contrast Spain's football team with its economy. The difference turns on confidence, and beliefs often become reality. Spanish moxie grew out of past success and the stories spun by the media before the game. This helped them own the field. The Italians hung back, in...

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Numbers Count: Why Religious Population Growth Underpins the Islamist Surge

(18) Comments | Posted 2 July 2012 | (00:00)

The victory of the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsi in Egypt's presidential elections, and the strong showing of fundamentalist Salafis in legislative elections, completes a wave of Islamist electoral success that began in Tunisia and has swept the Arab world. One day soon, Islamist regimes may hold sway in an unbroken...

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Why Creative People Don't Get Rich

(1) Comments | Posted 22 May 2012 | (00:00)

In rising middle-class neighbourhoods of London, an author-journalist friend notices a pronounced dwindling of 'creative' types among parents comparing his older son's class to that of his young daughter. Bankers, fund managers and lawyers seem to have crowded out journalists, academics and artists from Clapham to Muswell Hill. Is this...

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Mormons: A Rising Force?

(83) Comments | Posted 14 May 2012 | (00:00)

Mitt Romney has emerged from a bruising primary as the only serious Republican presidential candidate. The small field of Republican hopefuls also included fellow-Mormon Jon Huntsman. Is this a coincidence?

Maybe not. Look at the candidates' family histories. Romney, from a family of six, has five children, while Huntsman...

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