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Thomas Keneally: 'What's a Bloke Got to Do to Get Sent to the Tower These Days?'

(0) Comments | Posted 20 March 2013 | (13:46)

2013-03-20-Keneallyheadshot.JPG Thomas Keneally at Adelaide Writers' Week (Photo: Etan Smallman)

Thomas Keneally is still puzzled by the fervent way in which he is embraced by British readers and critics.

"To Brits, I'm just a harmless figure from far south who's never going to...

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Kamp, the Holocaust Puppet Show: A Review from the Adelaide Festival

(0) Comments | Posted 13 March 2013 | (06:57)

2013-03-13-Kamp1.jpg Row upon row of eight-centimetre puppets are brought to life in Kamp at the Adelaide Festival (Photo: Herman Helle)

If you want an insight into the problems of engaging a new generation in the scale and horror of the Holocaust, hang...

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Beowulf: A Thousand Years Of Baggage - Review of a 'Mead Hall Romp' In Adelaide

(0) Comments | Posted 12 March 2013 | (13:16)


Lisa Clair and Jason Craig in Beowulf at the Adelaide Festival. Photo: Shane Reid

How do you stop a play about an epic Anglo-Saxon poem from turning into a dreary high school history lesson?

Turn it into a dreary version of High...

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Lap Dances, Groping and Public Marriage Down Under: The One-on-One Theatre Where You're The Star of the Show

(1) Comments | Posted 8 March 2013 | (05:16)


The cast of Prudencia Hart - David McKay, Alasdair Macrae, Paul McCole and Annie Grace holding Melody Grove (Photo: Drew Farrell)

Last night, I had a middle-aged Scottish woman gyrating on top of me in the centre of a whooping audience of...

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An Apology: I Helped Thrust the Onesie on the World (and Nick Clegg)

(6) Comments | Posted 11 January 2013 | (23:00)

For Nick Clegg, I have a plea. For the nation, I have an apology.

Firstly, to the well-dressed people of Great Britain, I would like to repent. My confession: I was one of the first journalists in the country to spring the 21st Century's greatest crime against fashion on to...

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