Fiona Wood
Fiona Wood is a partner at Pannone LLP (, a law firm based in Manchester, England. She has handled numerous high net worth divorces, including many with an international element and featuring major figures in sport, entertainment and business. Recognized as a leader in her field, Fiona regularly lectures on behalf of the national family lawyers' association, Resolution, and has written numerous articles for the UK's leading legal publications on family law matters.

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Shifting Grounds: Changing Society and the Reasons for Divorce

(0) Comments | Posted 16 December 2013 | (16:59)

As a Family lawyer born in the early 1970s, I sometimes wonder how someone doing my job when I was born would regard the changes in society in the decades since.

What, for instance, would they think of the degree to which cohabitation has become something of a norm?

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Family Fortunes: A Decade of Change in Britain's Households

(0) Comments | Posted 31 October 2013 | (14:36)

As a Family lawyer, it is interesting to take a step back and consider just how dramatically the notion of what constitutes a family has changed during the course of my lifetime.

Whereas a married couple with children used to be considered the norm, recent years have witnessed an indisputable...

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Same-Sex Marriage? Different Problems

(0) Comments | Posted 31 July 2013 | (17:05)

The decision by the British parliament to allow same-sex marriage was a momentous one.

Equally dramatic has been the transformation in the rights of same-sex couples in the dozen years since the Netherlands became the world's first country to allow gay marriage.

However, by the time the first gay...

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Lifting the Veil: Tycoons, Divorce and Enforcement

(0) Comments | Posted 12 June 2013 | (16:50)

Running a successful, tax-efficient company is not always straightforward.

The bigger it becomes, the more it may diversify. Trading in an ever greater number of countries can lead to the setting up of a multitude of subsidiaries with offices in far-flung parts of the world.

It can sometimes be difficult...

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Is Divorce 'Too Easy'?

(1) Comments | Posted 18 December 2012 | (08:10)

Having dealt with many divorces over the course of my career as a Family lawyer, I do not think that I would be too wide of the mark in suggesting that many people regard divorce as one of the most traumatic experiences of their lives.

Although the end of a...

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BoJo, billionaires and 'divorce tourism'

(0) Comments | Posted 20 November 2012 | (11:32)

Someone once described Boris Johnson to me as being 'like political Marmite'. For all those who believe the Mayor of London - with his shock of blonde hair, love of the Classics and strong opinions - is the best thing since the proverbial sliced loaf, there are others who bristle...

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A Costly Foreign Affair: Divorcees and Falling Overseas Property Prices

(0) Comments | Posted 5 November 2012 | (17:38)

Not so long ago, it seems, a foreign holiday was viewed by many people as something of a novelty.

Pretty soon, as far flung destinations and once-remote parts of the globe came within easy reach of the casual traveller, a fortnight's vacation wasn't quite enough to satisfy our demands for...

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What They Really, Really Want? Divorce 'Penalty' for Women's Success At Work and Home

(8) Comments | Posted 8 October 2012 | (08:09)

The sight of the reformed Spice Girls at the Olympic Closing Ceremony reminded us how the group's credo - Girl Power - had been one of the abiding themes of the Games.

However, long before the female athletes of this year's Team GB successfully took to the field of play...

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Defusing Domestic Rows and Saving Cash? We've Got an App for That!

(0) Comments | Posted 28 June 2012 | (00:00)

There is no doubt that the economic catastrophes of recent years have had a raft of different and often painful consequences for both UK couples and commerce.

The recession has closed businesses and put many thousands of people out of work. Due to the rising pressures at work, tensions have...

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Recession Reality Bites For Divorcing British Couples

(0) Comments | Posted 9 December 2011 | (04:27)

Britain's financial climate is every bit as chilly as the inclement wintry weather at the moment.
Politicians, bankers and business titans are struggling hard to maintain confidence in the economy as evidence mounts of a possible return to recession.

The effects of a downturn are as calamitous for couples...

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