Things I Don't Have Time for Now I Have Kids

29/04/2016 15:15

I have already done a post outlining what I do all day. 

This one is about things I don't do.

Being a mum is a funny old thing. Never in my life have I been so busy, yet moved so damn slowly. By the time each day comes to a close I'm weary and aching for bed despite, on the face of things, having achieved relatively little (if we discount keeping two small children alive).

For instance, in a pre-child life, if someone were to ask me what I got up to at the weekend and I replied that I went swimming and to the supermarket all in one day, the person asking might look at me as if to say 'and...?'. With children, doing two different things in 24 hour period is something to be proud of. Medal-winning territory.

And yet, despite the many hours which could, technically, be categorised as 'not really doing a lot', there are a lot of things I just don't have time to do. Even when I just had the one child and she still napped (oh, those halcyon days) I probably didn't have time for these things:

Eating breakfast

I do occasionally, when the stars align and everything is going well. Weekends, usually. But when both kids are in my sole charge and they are grumpy and demanding to be fed as children are wont to do, sitting down with a bowl of porridge (alright, Coco Pops) is the last thing I have time for. If I do, by some miracle, manage to make myself a slice of toast I am usually met with this kind of scene:

More usually, food is eaten on the go and straight from the cupboard or fridge in unlikely and disgusting combinations; a slice of cheese here and a spoonful of peanut butter there.

Straightening my hair

Or drying it, getting it cut, or any general maintenance really. To be honest I was never that good at this before I had kids; they are really just a convenient excuse for its permanent woeful state.